Day 196: Alley fence by allankcrain
Day 196: Alley fence a photo by allankcrain on Flickr.
Thinking about going camping with Leslie. We just watched an episode of Third Rock from the Sun where they go camping and it put the idea in my head. That and the new memory card I ordered that'll let me upload pictures from my camera directly to my iPhone and thence to the Interwebs.

'Course, I'm not really what you'd call "outdoorsy", so doing this would involve purchasing some sort of pump-inflatable mattress, a nice tent, and a solar charger for my iPhone. And I need to find a campground that's far enough away from civilization to be fun while still close enough to civilization to get 3G coverage.

I'm really excited about the new EyeFi cards

They apparently now support wirelessly transferring pictures directly from a camera to an iPad or iPhone without even needing a thick frothy soup of wifi surrounding them. I'll be able to shoot a picture with my big DSLR and upload it to the Interwebs without needing a *cable*, much less an entire computer. No more needing to take a picture with the crappy little iPhone camera if I want to get it online immediately.

Amazon says mine will show up in 9 days. Makes me want to go on an adventure.

May 1: Hanging out with my parents

Day 194: Klondike Park by allankcrain
Day 194: Klondike Park a photo by allankcrain on Flickr.
Laundry Day!

I've considered getting my own washer and dryer, but then I'd probably never see my parents again.

My parents and I went for a walk and visited this neat park, then we just sort of hung out at home watching TV and playing with our various Apple devices until I finished my laundry. Fun times.

Afterwards, I picked up Leslie and we decided to burn our restaurant trip for the week right at the start because she'd had a very long and tiring day working an event for Urban Eats.

And I'm done spamming everyone's friend pages for a while now. I had gotten more than a little bit behind...

April 30: Garden Day

I spent a lot of time in gardens on Saturday.

I got up ass-early to drive Leslie to work because she had to be at work at like 6am and her car isn't working. Then I went down to the Dave Hagerty Community Garden to help them set up their raised plant beds and take pictures of the gardening fun. Then I went to the Botanical Garden where Leslie was working to pick her up.

After that, we were going to visit Leslie's friend Desiree so Desiree could sign the wedding card for Hailie. But Desiree punked out. We went to an exciting Asian grocery store down in Chinatown instead and bought a bunch of exciting Asian food.

I took a picture of a big pile of fish heads. In the end, though, cute girls getting all sweaty in a garden won out as picture of the day.

April 29: Dept. of Homeland Security Chicken

Day 192: Promsplosion by allankcrain
Day 192: Promsplosion a photo by allankcrain on Flickr.
So there's this weekly photography challenge on a photography message board where I post a lot.

(Spoiler alert: I'm actually the guy running the photography challenge. I'm just doing it somewhat incognito 'cause there are a lot of trolls who like trolling me there)

This week's challenge was "Department of Homeland Security Chicken", and the goal was to get a picture of something that you might be hassled by The Man for taking a picture of. So I went down to downtown St. Louis and took some pictures of the big federal courthouse. I also took some pictures of random high schoolers who were swarming around because using the same picture for a Pic Of The Day and for my entry in the photography challenge seems like cheating.

I did not, in fact, get hassled by The Man.

April 28: Game night with Laura

Got my tax return! It was a little bit north of $700, which is especially awesome since I was expecting it to be more like $350. Paid off some credit card debt and felt good about myself. Tried not to think about the fact that this surprise $700 was actually just the government giving me back my own money that they'd taken from me that they weren't supposed to have had.

Then we went to game night at Laura's house. I lost at Quiddler, then won at Skip Bo.

April 27: Hey, so I got a new camera

Day 190: Mark Pagano by allankcrain
Day 190: Mark Pagano a photo by allankcrain on Flickr.
I forgot to mention this in the post for the day it actually happened, but back on the 21st, after the visit to Schiller's, we visited the Goodwill nearby. And I spotted a Rebel XT sitting on a shelf. For only SIX DOLLARS.

Six dollars is an absurdly good price for a Rebel XT. Those go for about $200 used.

Now, granted, when I got it home, I discovered that it didn't actually work. But I'm still hopeful that I'll be able to get it fixed. I shipped it off to a camera repair place on the 27th, so hopefully that will work out well for me.

After that, we went to Open Mic night and a guy paid me $5 to take his picture. Not a lot of money, but it was only 1/80th of a second worth of work, which means I was getting paid a $1.44 million dollar hourly rate. Not too shabby!

April 26: Paige's Birthday

Day 189: Stella & Paige by allankcrain
Day 189: Stella & Paige a photo by allankcrain on Flickr.
This was a long day of photography.

After work, I went to pick up Leslie at Shameless Grounds and took a bunch of pictures of the place for them to use on their website (which I really need to go through and send to them, come to think of it). Then we went to hang out with our friend Paige on her birthday at The Shanti, an interesting little dog-friendly dive bar in the Soulard neighborhood. They were having an open mic night, so Leslie did some standup, but the patrons who were still there were pretty drunk and didn't really pay proper attention to it.

We had lunch while we were at Shameless. Technically this was breaking the only-once-a-week eating out rule, but the previous time we'd gone out to eat this week was to Sweet Tomatoes and they turned out to have far fewer vegan options for Leslie than expected. So we decided that that didn't count.